Monday, 30 March 2009

30 March 09 Aynho to Cropredy

We left Aynho at 1030, it was a bit cooler than yesterday but dry with light winds. As we approached Banbury a couple called from the bank enquiring what the name of the boat meant, so I explained. They then asked if the spider web painted on the bow had anything to do with Cutweb to which I told them it did. They then went on to say they had applied to join and were waiting to hear back about it. I took £10 off them and wrote a membership card out there and then. We pushed on through Banbury only stopping to top up with diesel at Sovereign Narrowboats and leave him some of Kate's flyers. As we were about to leave Hardwick Lock I spotted a steam locomotive sitting stationary on the lines just by the bridge and she was making steam, I took a couple of photos hoping to get one of her steaming by as we moved up the canal, when did she decide to go by, just as I entered Bourton Lock, I scrambled up but the bushes ruined the shot, a few minutes earlier and it would have been open track. We met a few boats on this stretch so the locks were all with us and we moored for the night just below Cropredy Lock, opposite the canoe centre on the few remaining 48 hour moorings in the village.

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