Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday A cruise round the village

This morning we set off about 10 15 on a rather dull morning, the glass has fallen and the bright clear weather left us. We heard a boat pass shortly before we were ready to set go so it was fairly safe to assume that the Napton flight would be against us. The first lock of the flight was about half full due to the bottom gates leaking, that is one advantage of going up the flight as opposed to coming down,most of the locks tend to empty due to leaky bottom gates, the second lock was completely empty. A bit further up we met a boat coming down,the lady of the crew walked down to our lock as the boat was leaving the next lock up, but the crew she had left behind shut the gates. I pointed this out to her but she said not to worry they would wake up in a minute and open them, she was right. The cause of the problem was the crew was suffering from "Game Boy" withdrawal syndrome because the had been kicked out bin to work the locks. We carried on to the top of the flight and moored against the towing path almost opposite our home moorings for the rest of the day as we spent the afternoon visiting my son and his family. For those of you that know this area will now understand what I meant by the title, as the canal goes around the hill while Napton stands on the top.

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