Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Plodding on the Middle level 11/08/11

Last night I did wonder if we had made a mistake mooring overnight here. I went to bed early but there was no chance of sleep, the Town Hall clock strikes the hour, the traffic roars round the one way system, then its 11 pm. The clock chimes 11 times, but that is the last time it chimes until 7 am. in the morning. The noise from the traffic drifts away to silence and I get a good nights sleep.

This morning we set off at 10 am. I know the time, the clock wasDSCF6371 chiming. As we made our way through the town we started to be aware that it was yet again windy. We passed this charming little boat before once more passing the Middle Level Commissioner's new offices. I don’t know why they put in all that quay heading because they didn’t put in any mooring rings or bollards.

DSCF6380As we approached Botany Bay bridge we spotted a rather forlorn looking tug, I guess it must be the property of the MLC but it doesn’t look as it had been used for several years.



From here it was only a short run to our moorings at Floods Ferry and at 11 15 am. we were sliding into our slot. The wind was blowing straight down the cut towards us as we approached the moorings which made things much easier as I just put the bows round to the left and we slid straight in.

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