Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday 4 November 2012 March

Last night we had a meal in The Jenyns Arms. I must say the service was very good, a very nice range of sweets and one or two unusual main courses, not forgetting the Adnams bitter and IPA.

This morning we were due to lock out onto the tidal Ouse at 10 am so about quarter past nine, in the rain, we moved over to the lock moorings, I didn’t even have time to go along side the moorings before Daniel was drawing the gate. he said Paul had already started at Salters so we were on our way. As the lock filled the water coming in looked like gravy,a smallDSCF0528 a nice dark brown. The tide was still making as we went straight down the river, no going round the back of sand banks and passed nb. Gemini on her way up. We crossed with her last week as we came up and she went down.

I made a real hash of turning into Salters Lode going over far to early getting the bows in slack water while the stern was still out in the flow. I am glad we weren’t much later as the tide was still making and we didn’t have much headroom to spare, a smallDSCF0529if we couldn’t have got under we would have had to stayed outside the lock until after the tide had turned. it was a 21 ft. tide but with all the fresh on it may pushed a bit higher.

Paul had told Maureen at Marmont Priory lock we were on our way but Diana still rang her from Upwell, she only got the answer phone and there was no sign of he at the lock so we worked ourselves through.

We past a medium sized straw stack on the way, I estimate there are between 750 and 800 large bails in it.a smallDSCF0531 Some of them are much larger than this, you can also see its still raining.

On one of the small mooring/fishing platforms in Upwell I spotter this traditional woven ell trap. a smallDSCF0533I don’t think trapping for ells is allowed at the moment due to the rapid decline in their numbers in the UK. The trap is basically a bottle shaped basket where the ell swims in through the neck and can’t get out again. You can see these being made in this old film on Fenland Life in 1947 
We passed a few fishermen on the way  who seamed quite happy standing out in the rain, pike fishing, or sitting under their brollies float fishing.
We stopped off briefly in March to look at the newly refurbished facility block which has a pump out station, a smallDSCF0536water point and elsan disposal sluice. The doors are unlocked as the keys required are different to the regular Middle Level Key.
Another 300 yards of so and we pulled over to the left to moor for the night, it was quarter to three and still raining.

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