Monday, 3 March 2014

Hawkesbury Junction Monday 3 March 2014

It was a very spring like morning and a good job too, as I spent the first half an hour down the weed hatch removing a yellow polly sack, a length of cord like you start an outboard with, collection of black polly all holding some of the underwater flora and fauna. I am now getting soft in my old age and have bought a box of disposable long armed examination gloves, but they are not very robust so I put a white latex glove over the top, the water still seeps in but its a lot better. I will get Diana to take a photo next time, its quite a sight.

By 10 30 we were off enjoying the warm sunshine, we met several boat on the move and there were a lot more moored in groups than when we came up almost 10 days ago.

Leaving Atherstone one of the gardens backing down to the canal sell Dove Cotes but whit I think are nicer is his collection of wind toys.DSCF4774


Some one regularly puts fresh flowers by  the bridge 28, I made comment about it last September when we were this way. Its now a riot of colour.DSCF4775

At Nuneaton there is and interesting weir with water spilling down from both sides.DSCF4777

Charity Dock was its normal view of chaos as we passed, I do wonder if they ever part with anything or just collect. Once passed here it started to rain, we had had a sprinkling earlier, but this was coat on even though the sun was still shining and we could see no rain hitting the canal behind us, but plenty ahead. We were planning to moor at the junction and thought it best to drop into a space on the Coventry than not getting in round on the Oxford, plus you can’t hear the motorway from here. We had just tied up at about 2pm. when the rain started in earnest, again it didn’t last long but you knew about it at the time.

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