Friday, 1 August 2014

Greensforge Lock Fri 1 August 2014

last night we must have moored in the mosie centre of the world, inside and all doors closed.

This morning we were off at 9 am an overcast and cool morning with several boats coming towards us. As we headed south so the weather improved. The old boat house in the cave that BW boarded up is well overgrown now.DSCF6399

We stopped on the aqueduct so that Brian could take a look, it was his first. Here the canal crosses the rivet Stour.DSCN0089  

Past Stourton Junction and on down through Stewponey lock heading to Dunsley Tunnel, this has a brick facia but after that its just hewn from solid rock. Again another first for Brian.DSCN0093

We moored by the picnic area at Kinver on the visitor mooring so that I could upload yesterdays blog before carrying on to the winding hole just above Whittington Bridge. This winding hole is only about 65 feet deep so we had no problems, but longer boats take note.DSCF6413

We returned to Kinver and stopped for lunch. By now the canal for some reason was much quieter and we saw very little traffic as we made our way back upstream. The tunnel from this direction is a straight rock entrance. It has all the normal tunnel warning but with a working boat stopped in the tunnel you could probably hop on the stern one side, walk through the tunnel and hop off the bows the other side.DSCN0100

We passed last nights mooring and moored for the night on the end of the 48 hr. moorings below Greensforge Lock, we had to leave bit of a space between us and the boat in front as two chaps had just set up fishing. No sooner had we tied up at 4 pm. and the sky’s opened, the fishermen stuck it for an hour before leaving, but no way was I going to move the boat up in this weather. Since then a boat has moored behind us and another on the beginning of the lock moorings.

At about half seven my son arrived to pick up No.1 grandson, he had No.2 with him so after they had compared lock miles etc we all adjourned to the Navigation for a meal before they left for home. I can see them wanting to do a week next year.
The Navigation is nothing fancy but its a popular pub selling good beer and good pub grub, I would happily eat there again regardless of a couple of the reports on Tripadvisor.

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