Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sunday 12 April 2015 Home Moorings

Only a short trip today back to the Marina,its only 2 miles from Shadehouse lock. Just as we were leaving the boat entering the lock behind us was the same one that said he was going to Heywood last night, I didn’t get a chance to ask if he made it or not.

We didn’t meet any boats on our way and followed one up Woodend Lock that came from The Old West River, well that is what it said on the side, actually they moor in Cambridge and were heading for the Trent.

By the time we reached the marina the wind had really picked up and as I swung in the wind just stopped the bows coming round into the entrance. So it was back off for a second run at it. We stopped at the service pontoon for a pump out. At the end of the service pontoon a goose has decided to make a nest in the flower box.DSCF8628  We then headed down to our berth. The wind in the second bay was very gusty, I swung round nicely to drop back into our slot, just as the bum was in the wind picked up with a vengeance and the bow shot round so it was a case of going out into the lake and come back in forward.

Today’s Journeymap 37 2 Miles 1 lock in 1 hour

I have just run our cruise through canal Planner and we have gone 300 miles 196 lock and 156 hours. The engine hour counter recorded 157 hrs.

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