Monday, 19 December 2016

Middlewich Arm. Monday 19 December 2016

After seeing my son, daughter, their partners and all the Grandchildren over the weekend we arrived at the boat this morning and set off at 1145 am. The morning didn’t go quite as planned as first stop was Middlewich Tesco where we thought we may be able to get breakfast, wrong, no cafe so no breakfast today. had we have known we would have had breakfast at the Harvester pub before going shopping.

Some bright spark has dumped a load of lorry tyres in the canal at an old off side wharf where the lane runs close to the canal, we saw the first two just floating in the middle flash but there was no way I would pull those out by my self, then when we approached the wharf there were about 8 of them half afloat and half resting on the bottom.

We didn’t expect to see any boats on the move but as we approached Middlewich Big Lock we could see a boat just leaving and when we arrived at the 3 Middlewich locks there was on, a single hander waiting to go up, one just going into the bottom lock and one in the middle lock, not only that but there was a CRT work boat coming down, they were heading off to retrieve the tyres. When we finally got to the junction with the Middlewich arm I went on to fill with diesel at Kings Lock chandlery where his prices are still reasonable at 68p, but he is expecting a rise on the next delivery.  Once full I backed up and we headed up Wardle Lock and then Stanthorne lock before mooring for the night on the visitor moorings just on 4pm. The weather has been quite reasonable, not to cold and mostly dry, we did have just a few spits of rain while we were filling with diesel.

Today’s Journey  Map 01

6¾ miles 6 locks in 4 hours.

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