Friday, 31 May 2019

Bramble Cuttings T&M

Day : Friday
Date : 31 May 2019
Start : 1000
Finish : 1315 Bramble Cuttings

As you may have guessed dinner was taken at The Stanley Arms last night. I had the pie, which was a good slice from a large pie, my favourite where as Diana went for the chicken Fajitas and the sizzle dish of chicken on onions and peppers was huge to go with the plate full of chips salad and fajita breads. Unfortunately the Mild was not so good but that is not unusual.

This morning we were away at 10 taking a slow chug towards Middlewich, most of the other boats had left and the first part of the journey was quiet. A chap in Northwich was hard at it removing paint from his boat rook with an electric hot air gun, I did wonder about this method for removing old blacking.DSCF1576

Passing the services at Anderton this bow fender on a boat taking water caught my eye, something a bit different.DSCF1577

The building work is ongoing opposite The Old Broken Cross pub. There is a large poster describing the development but from what IDSCF1580 can see at the moment, their idea of Stylish and mine are quite different, it looks like a block of flats going up.DSCF1582

There is now quite a collection of boats moored between our marina and Oakwood Marina, I am not sure what the attraction is there. When we approached Bramble Cuttings we were pleased to see there was only one other boat there, its normally full if we want to moor. It did fill up for a while when a local boater turned up for an afternoon BBQ but they have since left.

We thought we had best wash the boat roof as it is already covered with black smuts from the exhaust, maybe light grey was the wrong colour for our roof?

I thought I had best post some photos of the boat with shiny paint, it may not last.

Click photographs to enlarge them.

DSCF1588 DSCF1586   DSCF1584

Today's Journeymap 3

8 Miles 0 Locks in 3¼ hours

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Ann Street said...

Harnser is looking very smart! I look forward to seeing her the next time we are down if she is still in the area.