Saturday, 27 July 2019

Addeley Saturday 27 July 2019

Day : Saturday
Date : 27 July 2019
Start : 0900
Finish : 1745 Bottom of Adderley Locks

Today was a bit chopped up, the first bit, taking just about an hour was from our overnight mooring, through the two Hack Green Locks where we moored again to visit the Hack Green Secret Bunker. After our visit, I might add it was still raining we set off again this time through a mile long fishing match, they were all very sociable despite the rain, one of them had just landed his second eel of the match and was struggling to hold it to get the hook out. I don't know if they count in a match, but if they do it wouldn't have been fun cleaning the slime of the keep net. We stopped for lunch just past Overwater Marina, I almost got in to the bank, I was planning on going closer to Audlem but with the Historic Boat rally on this was the end of the moored boats visiting the event.

We arrived at Audlem Bottom lock at about 3 pm. which was of course against us and then it was creeping up between the moored boats.DSCF1835

It was good to see the crane back in place outside the Shroppie Fly, we saw it being refurbished at the Northwich yard. Again there were boats moored all the way up the pound. One thing that caught my eye was two Alder's moored one in front of the other.DSCF1839

As you can see the weather was very grim and hardly anyone about.DSCF1840

At lock 10 we got some good news, a walker on the towpath told us the coal boat was on its way down the flight and as we left 10 we could see Halsall working down 11 so we left the gate for them. Even better Lee told me I had a good road to the top, he did know that we would meet 5 hire boats and a cruiser and get the locks turned against us 3 times, but they are hires and don't appreciate what they are doing all the time as well as making more work for themselves with no gain. Once clear of the top lock we carried on until we came to the visitor moorings at the bottom of Adderley Locks where we moored and it stopped raining. I prefer these moorings over the ones at the top of the Audlem flight due to the overhanging trees. We have had 15mm of rain in the past 24 hours.
Shortly after mooring up there was a right racket going on outside, I thought it was a duck begging for bread, but when I went out theDSCF1846 front door with the dog there wandering down the roof to see me was Mrs. duck shouting her head off.

Today's Journeymap 03

7 Miles 17 Locks in 4¾ hours

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