Sunday, 11 August 2019

Comberton Wharf Sunday 11 August 2019

Day : Sunday
Date : 11 August 2019
Start : 0930
Finish : 1630 Comberton Quay

I have uploaded our proposed route to CanalPlanAC at if anyone wants to see where we are likely to be. It gets updated with actual position each night.

Yesterday evening the weather improved dramatically, in fact it was too good as the two hire boats moored at out stern were out on the deck until midnight talking loudly.

This morning we woke to sunshine and set off at 9-30 am, the river was much slower and it was all very pleasant. The Evesham ferry man waited until we passed before winching his chain taught DSCF2116 across the river and a few minutes later was crossing with the ferry to pick up a passenger from the far bank.DSCF2118

As the day went on the weather deteriorated, starting with short showers going on to persistent rain right until just after we moored up.

The weirs on the Avon are fitter with fish and eel ladders so that they are no longer barriers for fish moving upstream, The channel with the weed in also has a stiff green bristle material along one side.DSCF2120

We stopped for lunch just above Wyre lock at the head of the weir stream against the lock island, watching some of the cruisers perform is just something else. There was a rather interesting two story wide beam boat moored across the way, they have a decked barge moored alongside as a patio with Astra turf on it.DSCF2126

We stopped at Pershore for water, the allocated mooring is a bit short, but it wasn't helped by a hire boat moored with its stern in the reserved area, I had to moor with my stern along side it. While taking water Diana and Brian went to Asda. Just as I had cleared the hose up and was about to set off to the visitor moorings the hirers returned, but didn't say a word about me attached to their offside. Right by the water point is a water sports centre and today they were doing paddle boarding going upstream to the next lock.DSCF2127

When Diana and Brian returned we carried on downstream passing this boat with a fine collection of items on its roof.DSCF2130

The first mooring we were going to spot at was right by a road bridge so we gave that one a miss, the next backed onto a busy road, so we pushed on to Comberton Quay which is well away from any roads, there was one boat there already but that looks locked up and left, there was also a tent with two lads in, it seems we have moored in their fishing spot, but as it was raining they were zipped up in the tent. The did do about a hours fishing between the stern of our boat and the next one, but have since gone home. Now we have tied up the sky has cleared and its looking much more promising.

Today's Journeymap 18

15½ Miles 4 Locks in 5¼ hours

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