Friday, 27 September 2019

Top Bosley Locks Friday 27 September 2019

Day : Friday
Date : 27 September 2019
Start : 1020
Finish : 1900 hrs Just before Crow Holt Bridge

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As it tuned out we moored just in the right spot last night as the 2 day visitor moorings were full, but right by our bows was a small lane that comes out beside the carpark of The Rising Sun where we had dinner.

When we woke this morning it was raining, but unlike other days it didn't stop before breakfast. There was a lull a little after 10 am when we set off but it wasn't long before the coats were on, then it was sun, sunny drizzle, drizzle and pouring down all day.

Just past Heritage Narrowboats hire base I spotted this owl and a fine collection of fungi.DSCF2755

As we made our way along the canal we passed a few fields withDSCF2760 just a few cows with calves in them and one even had a Jersey bull. I understand these don't have the same temperament as a Jersey cow and have to be treated with some caution.DSCF2762

We reached Bosley Locks a little after 1 pm and pulled over for lunch, it was then that we experienced the heaviest rain of the day as we moored up. The weather forecast indicated that it would rain quite hard in the early afternoon but clear out later, so we stayed put until just after 5 pm when we set off up the locks in the sun shine. I didn't waste the afternoon but converter the circular fluorescent fittings in the galley to LEDs, there is now no warm up delay , the lights are brighter and the current drawn less than half.

We set off up the locks knowing they would be against us, one down side of this flight is double top gates with no walk boards. We found the most efficient way to work was once I was in the lock, Diana would close the offside bottom gate first, then the near side before walking forward and drawing the nearside paddle, I would climb the ladder and work round and draw the offside one. While I was doing this Diana walked to the next lock and set it ready. I would bring Harnser out of the lock, stop in the mouth and close the gates. We did this until I was about to leave lock 6 when she indicated there was a boat coming down, so I could leave the gates open. We then carried on to the top with Diana walking forward and draining/opening the lock ahead until we reached the top lock which was full from the boat ahead, by now it was getting dusk so we stopped at the first available mooring after the line of long term moorings, at least we think it is as there is no sign this end.

Today's Journeymap 0610 Miles 12 Locks in 5 hours

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Harley & Shelley said...

I think you will find that those cattle are South Devons not Jerseys.