Tuesday, 31 December 2019

All Oaks Tuesday 31 December 2019

Day : Tuesday
Date : 30December 2019
Start : 1000
Finish : 1615 All Oaks again

Yesterday evening we wandered up to The Plough for dinner, quite early at 7pm and as expected it was quite quiet at that time. Its several years since we have eaten there.

This morning Diana went to do a bit of shopping while I motored down to the Marina to wind, she was coming over the bridge just as I moored up in the same spot I left 25 minutes earlier. Once back onboard we headed back to the N Oxford. The island DSCF3244 supporting the double span bridge across the junction needs some serious attention. You may recall that on Friday I posted a photo of a boat on Cross straps, well this is how its spouse to be done. DSCF3245

We had a good run down the locks with the top lock full and a boat about to leave both middle and bottom lock as we arrived. Being a bit short of water we stopped at the water point below the locks, but once we saw how low the water pressure was we carried on to Rugby and filled there. We met quite a lot of boats, most of them we had also met yesterday going the other way, including this Kate hire boat, they also had an inflatable Christmas tree on the rear deck and a Father Christmas.DSCF3246

Boaters tend to put something on top of their chimneys and exhausts to stop the rain getting in while the fire/ engine is not in use. I use an upturned, but painted coffee tin, some use mugs and saucepans, even bowler hats and Charlie pots, but this one had purpose made bonnets.DSCF3243

We pushed on and moored back at All Oaks wood visitor moorings.

Today's Journeymap 1115 Miles 3 Locks in 5¾ hours.

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Anonymous said...

The Kate hire boat came past us a couple of days ago outside The Cape of Good Hope. Happy New Year from all on board NB Oleanna