Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Life in a marina 7 Jan

We have been stuck here in Debdale Marina since Sunday afternoon when we broke ice from Black Horse Bridge on the Market Harborough Arm all the way back through the marina. One boat followed us in later in the afternoon down the channel we had made and moored down the finger moorings opposite us.

We have met several people here in the marina who all seem very friendly and lots of other dogs. It is now Wednesday afternoon and there has been very little thaw since we crept back on Sunday. Late Tuesday afternoon the marina moved one of their boats from opposite us to the workshop, it was slow going with the boat reversing out from the finger pontoon and two men breaking ice over the stern with poles. Once they were able to turn things got a lot easier for them but from starting the operation to getting into the workshop must have take over an hour in total and it was dark before they had finished. Some of the pieces of ice that slid on top of the other ice must be at least 25 mm thick so its any ones guess how thick the ice is between us and the paint dock, nothing has been that way since Saturday so it is very debatable if they will be able to get the boat out of the paint dock today. While we have been here the night time temperatures have been as low as -8 c, last night when we went to bed it was -6 c but this climbed overnight and was only -0.3 at 7 AM this morning. Just after lunch Dave knocked on the boat and said there is no chance of getting in today as the ice in front of the paint dock is to thick, however since then we have had a steady but slow thaw, the ice is all very wet and if its not to cold tonight we may make it tomorrow.


Del and Al said...

Good luck on getting your boat in paintshop tomorrow, and we will catch up with you later in the year.

Keith Lodge said...

We hope all is well with you both. isn't this lovely weather we are having ha ha. If you made it into the paintshop, your in the best place at the moment.
Hope we will see you again in the year to come.