Thursday, 1 January 2009

A short 2009 sortie

The plan was to stay here in Debdale Marina until 2 January when we would move to the paint dock. David the painter came to see us this morning to tell us that the boat in the dock at the moment wont be leaving until Wednesday, so we will be kicking our heels for a few more days before going home. On the strength of this information we decided to leave the marina and go to "The Locks" at Foxton for lunch and fill up with water. We managed to moor against the frontage of The locks pub and went in for a meal. Not much sign of a recession there, the place was heaving, and as one table emptied it was quickly turned and reoccupied. By about 1-30 they were informing people that there was a bit of a delay on the food because they were so busy. After eating and drinking we walked across to the shop at "Bridge 61" and bought a few items. It was then time to fill with water, but the taps were all dry, they were working yesterday because we saw Matilda Rose and Caxton filling up. A Canal Time boat was filling his tank from the tap on the wall of the lock cottage but the flow was so slow it took him for ever, and we found that we would need to be right in the mouth of the lock for our hose to reach so we gave it a miss, We will nip down to Market Harborough Saturday if we are not iced in and do it then. At this point we decided to chug back to the marina for the night and are now tucked up where we were last night waiting to see if it freezes again.

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