Monday, 6 April 2009

6 April Stoke Hammond to Seabrook Lock

We left as usual at 10 am as we arrived at Soulbury Three Locks a boat was just going up in the first lock, but they waited for us in the first pound, It was the same boat that we had shared Fenny Stratford lock with yesterday. At the top of the three we left them as they were again saying goodbye to friends. We did see them once or twice behind us between here and Leighton Lock, but when we arrived at the lock they were nowhere to be seen so we locked up alone. Just as we left the lock they arrived below it but by then there was a wide beamed vessel waiting to go down so the didn't have all the work to do alone.
We stopped to do some shopping at Tesco and Home Base in Leighton Buzzard and probably spent two hours moored there having a bit of dinner before we set off. We carried on alone to just above Slapton Lock where we moored as Diana fancied going to the Carpenters Arms for dinner, as it was Monday I suggested that she rings them to see if they were doing food, it turned out that they don't do food on Monday or Tuesday nights. While we were moored there a community boat came passed and winded at the winding hole by the bridge, we had set off again long before they were round and we expected them to moor for the night, however as we entered Horton Lock I saw they were behind us so I tucked round behind the bottom gate and let them in beside us. They had just closed the gate and we started to fill the lock when the lady from the boat we had shared with this morning came running up, she didn't know we were in the lock and thought the other boat was alone. We continued up together as far a Seabrook Lock 34 where at it was 6 o'clock we decided to moor for the night and let the community boat full of Boy Scouts continue on alone. Once they had gone we turned the lock for the boat that was following us, but they decided to moor for the night just above the lock. The evening has been quite noisy as there is a Peacock roosting in the tree beside the boat, I hope he doesn't get up to early in the morning.

You can see our latest position here

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Alan said...

So it was you that went past us at the water point, how far south are you going? We may catch up with you at some point, although we are staying around the summit doing some running repairs for a week or so. Anyway enjoy your trip and hope to catch up with you.

Alan NB Lazy Days