Sunday, 25 September 2011

Off to the Nene day 3 part 2

When we moored at Wansford Station moorings yesterday afternoon we were the only boat there, but I moored right at the back of the pontoon with the mooring ropes angled inwards to use a minimum of the bollards in case anyone else should arrive while we visited the Nene Valley Railway, it was just as well we did as when we came back another Narrowboat has squeezed on the end, I offered to drop back a bit more but they said the weren't stopping and were soon on their way. A little later a cruiser arrived and tucked in, it turned out that he had lost his reverse gear and was planning to leave early the next mooring before the wind got up and there were other boats about. About an hour after this a Narrowboat came down stream looking for somewhere to moor so we breasted them on the outside of us for the night. We got chatting and it transpired that he had bought the boat in Wigan and was making his way to Cambridge where he was attending college and intended to live on the boat while he studied and also did the boat up. I asked if had a mooring sorted to which he replied he was on the waiting list and had gone down from 100 to 67.

While we were visiting the Nene Valley Railway we noticed they had a steam special running to Peterborough and back leaving at 7 pm.  DSCF6602
It was a “Banger and Mash” special with a quiz and I was hoping for maybe a good photo of it with the carriage lights on. Unfortunately for me they were 10 minutes late leaving and took a very DSCF6596slow trip to Yarwell eating their dinner before crossing the river to go to Peterborough. By then it was quite dark, to dark for my camera hand held to handle. If they had have been on time then there might just have been enough light just as there was for the shot of the signal box.

A short time after the train had gone two cruisers came down the river breasted together, one was in total darkness with no power whatsoever and the other one was relying on his cabin lights with all the curtains drawn closed, so just a glow.
It must have been about 10 pm before the train returned and all the party goers started to depart in their cars, this was the same time that we were taking Magic for his last trip out before bed, as we walked along the road the sky was clear with no moon and I spotted a shooting star, it definitely looked different to what I saw the night before.

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