Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A bit of painting 2-4 October 2011 day 2

DSCF6742Last night we ate at Mamma Mias Italian restaurant which is right beside the moorings. This is an establishment that we will definitely visit again. The food was good and the service very friendly, we expected it to be empty on a Monday night but there were several people in there so I would guess that booking would be required at weekends.

Overnight was the hottest night we have had onboard this year and we had to have the slide open which resulted in the street light shining in my face.

DSCF6760We left the moorings at 10 am heading east for about a mile where the waterway was just wide enough for us to wind. the water was quite shallow at the stern and the mud had a good  whiff to it. We then retraced our steps back to the mooring by the park where Diana polished the port side of Harnser, I gave encouragement as I have done my back in and was only able to repaint the black as I could do it on my knees.

We left again heading back to our moorings at about 2 DSCF6737pm. As we passed the new Middle level Commissioners officers which I understand are locally known at the chicken shed there were two weed cutting boats attached to the landing. I wont say moored as the MLC didn’t install any mooring rings when they built their new quay heading.

We arrived back at our moorings at about 3 pm. The visitor DSCF6732moorings now have a nice new  welcome banner inviting boaters to stop, I don’t now what they charge for an overnight mooring. By now the wind had picked up so I went slightly past our mooring slot before turning in and allowed the wind to take me sideways down the channel until I am directly opposite our slot and then its straight in. Once secured we set to packing things away and topping up with water.

Just as we were leaving the site we spotted two friends of ours who will be bringing their boat “Wandering Snail” to the moorings in the near future. It was good to see them again.

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Anne & Olly said...

Good to see you both too. Cheered up what has been a tough decision for us.