Saturday, 29 October 2011

March day 1 Oct 29 2011

Well we are back onboard for a week or so. We arrived about half 3 and cast off at 4 pm. heading to March for the night. I tried to ring the lock keeper at Salters Load but didn’t get a reply. I have looked at the high water times at Kings Lynn and it looks unlikely there would be a PM passage tomorrow and the morning one will probably be before I am up, so we will chug gently to Salters Load tomorrow and see if we can get out Monday morning.

We pulled into the new moorings at March a little before 4 30 pm. I think we may have been lucky as just after we moored up two cruisers lashed together as a push tug came by and as it was getting towards 5 pm I guess he would have moored here if it had been vacant. This mooring definitely could do with a bit of dredging as we are siting about 6” out from the piling.

Walking the dog we see they have erected a large CCTV mast beside the river and foot bridge, so soon these moorings will be under 24 hour surveillance. I do wonder how much of a problem they have as there is no sign of damage or graffiti in the area.

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