Saturday, 18 May 2013

Prickwillow Saturday18 May 2013

Last nights moorings at Station Road are in my opinion the best ones in Littleport. They are well away from the main roads and also the most distant point from the railway.

This morning we were away at 1015hrs. and we could see that the water level had dropped by quite some distance overnight,a PhotoDSCF1807 so the EA must be expecting more heavy rain in Cambridgeshire. Again we didn’t meet any other boats all day. About three quarters of an hour latter we were turning into the Lark. As we turned we could see the moorings at Diamonds were also empty, just like the ones opposite the Swan.

Making our way down the Lark, Tom’s Hole Farm moorings were also empty, such a shame we didn’t want to stop here. It was not long before we were at Littleport. Again all the moorings were empty, not a boat in sight. We stopped just before the road bridge and filled with water. As things were so quiet we decided to carry on upstream for a mile or so. As we left the village we passed the second lot of moorings in the village, again deserted. We approached a pair of Grebes that were totally engrossed in each other and I actually had to turn to avoid them, they didn’t move until our bows were level with them.a PhotoDSCF1812

We passed the discharge from a drainage pump, in this case with tree pipe outlets, however this one for some reason is surrounded by a plywood housing. This is the only one I have seen like this.a PhotoDSCF1816 

About a mile further upstream we winded and headed back to the Mile End Road at Prickwillow and moored for the night at about 1330hrs.

Our reason for mooring here tonight is that tomorrow the Prickwillow Pumping Museum have an engine running day as well as a gathering of vintage Fire Engines.

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