Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Golds Mere moorings Popes Corner Wed 26 June 2013

As we were moored at Hemingford Grey we went to the Cock for dinner, they also have a branch in Ely, The Boat House. When we returned to the boat this is the sight that greeted us. Timed to the minute, good job we didn’t stop for pudding.DSCF2513

For some reason we laid a bit late this morning and it was 11 am. before we set off.  We didn’t rush away as there was a bit of traffic coming down the river, including the St Johns  trip boatDSCF2518 and we would only have ended up queuing on the lock landing. We arrived at the first lock just as two boats were about to come in as the downstream boats had just left. By the time we entered the lock there was another boat coming down behind us who we waited for, plenty of room to share.

Well come on, be honest now. Where would you navigate?DSCF2523

The St johns boat was moored by the Dolphin Hotel in St Ives but the moorings behind the hotel were almost empty. When we arrived at St Ives lock the chap we had shared with previously was about to turn it, I dropped Diana off to help and then pulled back into the river, as I did I spotted this mother duck brooding her very young chicks.DSCF2524 Passing the Old Ferry Boat at Holywell the recently reopened moorings were completely full at lunch time, however there was only one boat at the Pike and Eel. Why does this happen when we don’t want to stop there.

We had a short delay at Hermitage Lock while a Narrowboat locked up, it turned out to be Carpe Diem who we use to moor next to at Floods Ferry, so we were pleased to make use of the new floating moorings.

We had a good run along the Old West River, the weed is growing but its not to bad yet. It took us exactly 3 hours to get from Hermitage Lock to Golds Mere moorings at Popes corner. We are moored in exactly the same spot as 5 nights ago on the bendy bit, we are even right behind a Black Prince hire Narrowboat as we were last time.

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