Friday, 13 June 2014

Napton (home) Friday 13 June 2014

Early start for us, 8-30 and we were away. CaRT finished work at Elkingtons lock yesterday afternoon and the waterway was open again. Cropredy lock was with us, but a single hander nipped out ahead of us above the lock. There was a couple walking up the towing path, he had two large bags of wine bottles for his home made wine, the only problem was his boat was at Claydon bottom, so I told him to put them on the front deck and we would see him there, our reward two bottles of home made cider.

The boat that has been sunk below Elkingtons has been raised again and is sitting high in the water.DSCF6030

We met 2 CaRT work boats bring all their gear back down to Cropredy so they can carry on with the piling on Monday.

The Claydon flight was quite good going meeting boats at most locks so the single hander didn’t delay us much after all, but without him all the locks would have been ours.

This is a sight you don’t see every day, well at least I don’t.DSCF6031

We met quite a few boats between Claydon and Fenny Compton, then it went quiet for a but until we came to a bridge hole where its mandatory to meet one. As we approached Marston Doles there was a bit more traffic about.

The coach has gone from opposite Marston Doles top lock and has been replaced with a few more cars. I don’t recognise any of them.DSCF6036 DSCF6035 DSCF6034

We moored opposite our old moorings and I went to see if the car would start after 10 week, result, first shot and it was away. we then set to unloading the boat and topping the water tank up, I did just manage to jump ashore at the tap on our moorings but the bum was over 6ft out.

Once that was all sorted I reversed back to the arm and headed for our slot, unfortunately it had shrink by a few feet since we had been away so the boat behind was adjusted a bit to let us in.

Little after 5 pm and we were sorted, not a bad days boating, all I have to do now is take the alternator off to go home with us in the napton


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, the two blue cars are Auto Unions, the pea green estate a Wartburg (all two strokes).

The white coupe is annoying me, my memory is fading. I recognise it but cannot place it. I thought it was a racing Sprite but cannot find it online. Perhaps someone else can put me out of my misery.

Mike Casswell

Chris Wren said...

Glad you had a good trip, good luck with the alternator, as regards the cars, there's always an interesting collection there! As far as I know....
Blue one: Auto Union DKW
Green one: Wartburg Tourist Estate
White one: TVR Grantura?
Black one: Another DKW