Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Gailey Tuesday 29 July 2014

Last night dinner was taken on the towing path cooked by my good self but prepared by my better half. I like playing with fire.DSCN0033

This morning we were away at 9 30 Am and the day started well with a boat leaving the first lock just as we arrived and then another arriving just as we left. DSCF6324Most of the morning was like this with George doing a bit of steering standing on the step I made. This meant he could actually see where he was going this time which was an improvement. DSCN0036

Things took a turn for the worst just before Penkridge when we caught up with another boat and no matter how many boats we met or how slow we went he was waiting to go up the next lock.

We stopped above Penkridge lock for lunch and to do a bit of shopping and things got rather busy with boats queuing to go both up and down the lock, far busier than we had seen all day. We waited for a lull and then set off ourselves, again meeting boats in the right places.

There are yards and yards of 48hr visitor moorings below Gailey Lock but still a boat thought it necessary to moor to the second bollard of the lock landing for their cup of tea.DSCF6334

We stopped above the lock to fill with water, we were almost finished when the unmistakable sound of a Bolinder could be heard coming down the cut.DSCF6336

We only went another few hundred yards before mooring for the night as a member of the crew was completely washed out.DSCN0046


evelyn booh said...

Hello Brian and Diana,

We came past Stafford Boat Club a couple of weeks ago and the towpath was five feet high in nettles and general growth; hopeless for mooring, much less a barbie!!

Had it been cut to enable you to moor and have your barbie?

Evelyn Booth

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

The paths along the whole length are good now. I think its all down to timing. They can't cut everywhere at once.