Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Alrewas Wednesday 7 October 2015

We had planned to drive to the boat yesterday evening but we didn’t get the car back from it service until 5-30 pm so once we got home and had dinner it was a bit late, so instead we left home about quarter to nine this morning arriving at the boat around 12-30. Once loaded we headed out of the marina and stopped for lunch just out on the Trent and Mersey canal.

I was surprised how busy it was, 5 boats passed us while we had lunch and by the time we cleared Fradley it was up to 9. Still it helped at the locks.

You have all heard of the problems with leaves on the rails, well boaters have problems with leaves on the canals and the seasonDSCF0682 for them has just started. The get drawn against the leading edge of the propeller massively reducing its efficiency.

At Shadehouse lock the was a Volocky, but he was the only one on the flight. While he assisted me in locking Harnser down Diana went to Middle Lock and set that ready. At Junction Lock we waited for a boat to come up, the last one we saw on the move today.

We carried on down to Alrewas passing the sculptured hedge that looks as if its had a recent trim.DSCF0685

We were in two minds of whether to carry on to Burton of not but as it was getting close to 4-30 pm and once you have done the river section the canal runs very close to the A38 trunk road for quite so way we decided to stop just before bridge 46 in Alrewas for the night.

Today’s journey map 01 4¼ Miles, 8 locks, 1 junction in 2½ hours.

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