Sunday, 11 October 2015

King’s Bromley Marina Sunday 11 October 2015

Well the pins held well and were all still tight this morning. We set off at 9 am with only one boat passing us and we knew from yesterday that they travel and look at a fair speed.

We met a couple of boats just before Dallow lock at Burton on Trent so were surprised to see a boat ahead of us just entering the lock. At the side of the lock these Moorhens thought the road sign (no idea why its there) would make a good roof.DSCF0795  The boat in front  was a single handed lady and she was only going as far as the marina for diesel, above the lock was the boat that passed us earlier, it looked as if they had pulled over for Breakfast so now we are in front, but not for long, at the next lock we catch up with another Canaltime boat, I have since found out they do still exist.
I am pleased to say this couple did know what they were doing but we still caught them at every lock until Barton Turns Lock where they stopped for water. This is where we caught up with a hire boat who just didn’t get it. The couple had a 4 year old son with them who was luckily very well behaved but even after helping them up all the locks as far as Alrewas where they stopped for the night the lady still didn’t grasp working a lock. After this we had a fine run home to our marina.

On the river section which was quite benign we passed a moored boat which  I guess is a copy of a steam tug/ice breaker with a bow like that.DSCF0818 

As we entered Burton on Trent we passed this sign, we didn’t really feel like we were in a forest, more like a thin single line of trees between us and the houses on one side or us and the A38 on the other.DSCF0788

back at the marina we did a few jobs around the boat before sitting down for dinner, it was then that I noticed the refection of the evening sky in the boat next door, we now moor bow in so are not looking straight out on the bay. Anyway going outside this is what I could see, it was just turned 6-30 pm.DSCF0827

Today’s Journey map 05 15¾ miles 14 locks 1 Junction in 8 hours


Nev Wells said...

Great photo.... the texture of the clouds is so rich on the water.

silver horde said...

Fantastic photo! Looks like burning coals. The Cloud appreciation Society would love this photo I'm sure.