Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Curdworth Tuesday 29 March 2016

After a very pleasant late afternoon we had a clear stary fine night.

This morning the wind was quite light and the sky clear, during the day the wind freshened and out of the sun it was quite cool, it stayed fine until about 4 30 when it started raining.

We were away at 9am and headed into Fazeley, I am sure there are  more polly tunnel this year than previous years going back several fields.DSCF4072

We stopped at the CRT offices to top up the water tank, there are 4 of us onboard this trip so we need to keep it topped up. Once full we were off again turning hard right at Fazeley  Junction still on the Birmingham and Fazeley Junction. We stopped just through the Bridge to visit Tolsons Mill Yarns only to find that it has been replaced by a Gym. Just as we were pulling away again a hire boat cam by so I expected to follow him all the way to Birmingham, but to my surprise he turned into Fazeley Mill Marina.
We stopped off at  Drayton Foot Bridge to show our friends before continuing just below Curdworth Bottom Lock for lunch. DSCF4075We hadn’t been stopped long when the hire boat we saw earlier came by, so all the locks would be against us when we set off.

After about an hour we were on our way again meeting a boat at lock 9, maybe I luck was changing, but no, they must have stopped at the pub for lunch as the very next lock was against us.

A field of horses beside the tow path had very little grass but what they did have paddling about in the mod was a small flock of White Egrets.DSCF4082

At lock 6 we get up with the CRT volunteers working the lock. Both paddles on the off side of lock 6 are out of use, it seam they are locked slightly open to take the weight of the lock by wash which is collapsing. The Volockies were all in radio contact and we had a few minutes wait above  6 as a boat was making its way down.

We just cleared lock 1 when it started to rain but we didn’t have far to go until we moored out side The Cuttle Bridge Inn which use to be called the Kingsley Arms. Once moored the rain fell harder but by the time we had finished dinner it was a nice evening again with the sun going down behind the bridge.DSCF4084

Today’s Journey  map 2

12¼ miles, 11 locks, 1 junction, 2 canals in 6hr 20 minutes.

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