Monday, 9 May 2016

King’s Bromley Marina Sunday 8 May 2016

Last night we had lovely meals at The Plumb Pudding moored right outside the back door. Also being behind the pub it blocked the noise from the road.

We were all set to leave this morning when the boat about to enter the Armitage tunnel backed up and pulled into the side and a small cruiser appeared from under the bridge. Being a gentleman I didn’t pull away in front of him but waited and waited and waited and then he came out from under the bridge, as soon as he passed us I was ready to go, but now a Narrowboat was coming out from under the bridge, so I waited and waited and waited, when he fully emerged it was obvious he was towing a second boat and the pair of them were with the little cruiser. The boat being towed was Voyager, the boat that had first sunk in Rugeley and then been vandalised. Right behind them was yet another Narrowboat who was not impressed at following them all. So I tagged on at the back. We didn’t follow for long as the 3 boats pulled in just round the corner. From here we had a clear run back to the marina, the boat ahead of us also going to King’s Bromley Marina.

I think its the first time I have ever turned into the marina with no wind, there is normally a good breeze blowing straight down the marina.

Today’s Journey  map 22 3½ miles, no locks in 1½ hours

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