Monday, 27 June 2016

Monday 27 June 2016 Fradley

Well we are on the move again, we have been onboard for a week in the marina doing some internal painting as well as visiting Lichfield and my daughter.

We left the moorings at about 2.30 pm and exited the marina just as a small boat coming by so it was a slow run to Wood End Lock meeting several boats on the way. When we arrived at the lock the boat ahead was still waiting for an upcoming boat to leave the lock so he must have caught another boat up. Wood End Lock is somewhat slow because the top ground paddle has been out of use for some time. Also at the lock was a CRT operative and she was counting the boats passing through the lock, she was adamant the paddle had only been out of action since April but a boater coming up insisted it was last October. It loos as if it will be like it until next October because they need a stoppage to fix it. Once on our way again we were to meet two more boat before we arrived at Shade House Lock. As we approached a boat was leaving but luckily the Volockie saw us and left the gat open before going off duty. Middle lock was against us as was Junction Lock, but we were able to leave the gates open for a boat coming up. There was a mooring spot just big enough for us between the lock moorings and the first moored boat so we have slipped in there for the night opposite the CRT services.

Today’s Journeymap 1

2½ miles 4 locks I junction in 2 hours

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nine9feet said...

Wood End lock: Passed 29th Jan. Don't recall problem with ground paddle. 7th March, ground paddle not working and upper gate paddle jammed open with branch of tree part way through under paddle. Phoned CRT after getting gate paddle closed enough to transit lock. 26th April ground paddle gear wrapped in black plastic bag :-( John NB Samsara