Sunday, 16 October 2016

Anderton Lift Sunday 16 October 2016

Well after a very wet drive from Suffolk to well up the M6 the weather picked up before we arrived at the boat. Rather than stop at the services on the M6 we pushed on and had lunch at a Harvester pub a short way from junction 18. Mine was quite good but for some reason the waitress through Diana’s on the floor. The did offer a free sweet as compensation for the extra wait but we were both stuffed.

Arriving at the boat we moved round to the loading bay toDSCF6098 transfer the contents of the car to the boat finally pushing off at 2.45 pm. I estimate the marina would hold about 180 boats when its full, when we left there were 18. DSCF6100 Out of the marina and hard left on a bright warm afternoon. We were soon passing through the Tata Chemical works and you can see how the brine has rotted away some of the steel supports.DSCF6105

There were no mooring spaces in the section before the lift so we went passed and moored on the visitor moorings  just on the Bridgwater side of the entrance to the lift. If we can get a transit down in the morning then its only a short way backwards to get there.

Since we have been moored up the rain has started yet again, lets hope it clears by the morning.

Today’s Journey  Map 15 miles in 1¾ hours.

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