Saturday, 24 September 2016

In the Marina Saturday 24 September 2016

A leisurely start today with no where special to go, we pushed off just before 10-30am and we had not gone far when I spotted a tree of nice looking apples on the off side, lets hope they are as good as they look. Pushing on we stopped at the CRT services at Anderton to fill up with water and then crossed to Anderton Marina to enquire as to whether or not they did toilet pump-outs for passing boats or just their own, I was pleased they said they do it for anyone and cheaper than the CRT DIY ones. We carried on to Anderton Lift where we winded and made our way back to the marina.

Interesting as you pass through the TATA Chemical works in that the old pipe bridges are made of wood as it wouldn’t rot away with the leaking brine unlike some of the steel work has already.DSCF6085 I did manage to get a photograph of a Kingfisher, not a very good one, I also got a photograph of where the Kingfisher wasn’t, but I scrapped that one.DSCF6080 I also noticed what I think is unusual paddle gear on a sluice in the back of the towpath. At first I thought someone had built a bench with a vice on it until I was much closer.DSCF6090

Today’s Journey  map 60

7 miles, no locks in 3¾ hours.

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