Monday, 16 October 2017

Middlewich Branch Monday 16 October 2017

Well after a bit of rain first thing its turned into quite a pleasant day, the wind didn't really pickup until about half three and its been so warm.

I started the engine to charge the batteries just before breakfast and we set off just after 10 am. it was only a couple of hundred yards to the water point, while the tank was filling Diana went and picked the car up from the layby and reparked near The Big Lock pub. Looking out of the front door the sun was just visible as an orange sphere in an overcast sky.DSCF9586

Diana returned to the boat just as the tank was full and also just as an up coming boat opened the bottom gate of Big Lock, so we joined them in the lock, only to moor again by the kiddies playground well away from trees. That was the plan for today.
map 2THe Plan for today

But plans change, we were booked to go into the dry dock at 9am tomorrow morning, just 2 locks ahead of us.

We decided to walk up to Middlewich Boats and make sure all was OK and there were no hold up's. Fine said the lady, I will find out what time he is planning on coming out and give you a ring. Back on the boat the phone rings, the chap in the dock has a problem, can he stay until Thursday, we would still get our time but a bit latter. After a short discussion we agreed that we could manage it and rang her back before we sat down for lunch and discuss our new plans, three options, turn round and go to Dutton Lock, up or is that down the Trent and Mersey to Wheelock, or Barbridge Junction also what to do with the car.

We settled on Barbridge Junction and left the car at Middlewich Narrowboats. Diana again moved the car and I set off with the boat planning to wait just below the Middlewich Locks, but as I came round the corner I could see the lock emptying and a boat coming out,, so that was that one sorted, I just started working the lock when Diana arrived. As we left the top lock the Volockie was coming back on duty, still there were at least two behind us for him to play with.

Sharp right to Wardle Lock, with the wind freshening the turn was easy, there was a boat in the lock almost at the top and then we were on our way. This lock fills much slower than it did in Maureen's day with a very short pull on the paddles. We gave John and Gillian a wave as we passed and told them we hope to see them Friday at The Big Lock.

The wind didn't really pick up until we reached Stanthorne Lock, the lock its self is quite sheltered, as we passed the last lot of 48 hour moorings just beyond Norman's Bridge there was a space at the end just long enough for us. I had to pull back to get into it, but as soon as I stopped reversing we were committed with the bows just flying across in the wind. I don't think we could leave now even if we wanted to. As for the weather, well its still bright sunshine and the wind is still blowing and the pressure dropping.

Today's Journey map 32¼ miles, 6 locks in 2½ hours

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Bob Wood said...

Oh dear. Tuesday morning and there's a tree down and canal closed at Br.30. Hope they get it sorted in time for you to get back to your dry-dock appointment.