Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Hawkesbury Junction

 We were away a little earlier today at 9-30am for some reason. I little bit further south to wind by the entrance to Rugby Wharf were I got it slightly wrong and almost did an Ever Given across the cut, I have never winded here before and didn't realise the tip of the hole was so far out of line with the arm, so it was all a bit late. The reason for going back now is that Diana and I have been called for our second Covid jab.
It was some time before we met another boat, its been unusually quiet for some reason. Yesterday I noticed so signs on the towpath each end of the 14 day moorings at All Oaks, so today I took a picture to see what they said, I have no idea who put them up.

As we approached the bridge at Rose Narrowboats a cruiser came the other way, pity he didn't mention the ex working boat Princess Anne was a short way behind. When we came through yesterday one of Rose narrowboats employees crossed the swing bridge to the workshop and opened it for us as he left, today another chap crossed to the slipway but he just looked at us and carried on so I had to drop Diana off to do it.
Rose Narrowboats still have their old manual spoon dredger, I don't know how much work would be involved in restoring it to full working trim.
We were to see very few more boats all the way to Hawkesbury but passing the fields just before Tusses Bridge are well flooded, they were like this last time we came this way but don't remember them being flooded say 10  years ago.
There was only one other boat moored at the junction when we arrive, can't remember last time I saw it this quiet, I can only thing that the Continuous Cruisers who were moored her all through lockdown have now moved on, leaving it empty.

Todays Journey 14 miles in four and three quarter hours with no locks.

Maps curtesy of Waterways Routes.

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