Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday Crick to Welford

Last night we moored nose to nose with a boat painted in an almost colour scheme to ours except they had a red roof where as we have a grey and rusty roof, it was even painted by the same person as ours but 12 months earlier. This morning they set off quite early, I don't know what engine they have but I can think of a lot of worse sounding alarm clocks.
We didn't set off until 10 30 on a warm sunny morning. Work is cracking on at the new marina at Yelvertoft with the pontoons all in and the basin full of water. It looks as if they filled it using pumps as there are three large pumps with their suction lines in the canal. All the temporary dams in the canal have been removed and all that is between the basin and the canal is an earth dam in the marina mouth. There is still a tremendous amount of landscaping to do and they are moving large dumper truck fulls up the road away from the site. The marina offices look a bit out of place in the middle of it all.
We pushed on along the Leicester Arm and as we did so the weather turned markedly cooler until we turned right into the Welford Arm when it was quite overcast. We made our to the end of the arm, meeting one boat on the way "Ubique" there is another boat of this name in Crick Marina.At the end of the arm we winded and the first boat on the visitor moorings offered to move back to make room for us, we declined his offer as that would have put him very close to the winding hole and there were plenty of spaces a bit further along the arm. The strange thing is the mooring rings continue right across the winding hole and if boaters use these I would think it would make it very difficult to turn. We moored for the night opposite the layby a little after 3 pm. Not long after mooring up it started to rain again, still it stayed dry while we were travelling.

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