Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday North Kilworth to Crick

last night the wind blew and the rain hammered down, it was a good job we were eating on board and apart from walking the dog we didn't need to go out.
This morning started bright and we set off at 10 30 am but soon the clouds were gathering  and just before Yelvertoft it turned quite cool and started to rain. The new marina at Yelvertoft now has about half the electric points installed on the jetties and they have moved a lot more soil. The earth dam is still across the marina entrance but the water level looks good inside, I don't know how long BW will make them wait before allowing them to remove it.
We moored at 3 pm in almost the same spot that we moored in a week ago on our outward journey. No one complained that we were in their winter mooring then so I don't expect they will this time.
As I sit here typing this I have a good WiFi signal on an unsecured network, the only problem is they want £3 an hour to access it. I will stick with 3.

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