Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday Wormleighton to Wormleighton via Fenny Compton

We woke to rain,only to be expected as it was very cloudy last night and the pressure has been falling steadily. so we were in no hurry to get up and away. We heard "Albert" go by with his lovely sounding Ruston & Hornsby engine, much nicer than a BD3.

The rain stopped and we set off at twenty past ten and made our way to Fenny Compton where we winded,this operation would be a lot easier if there wasn't a boat permanently moored in the end of the winding hole or even if he moved backwards as its very tight to come through the bridge and get your bows in behind him. There is room for us to wind without having to get tight in to the bank, but anything over 60 foot would need to. Once round we tied up and filled with water.

We had just completed filling up when a boat came backwards along the canal, waited until we departed and then also winded to follow us northwards along the cut. Once past the long term moorings 2 Hare's came out through the hedge and bundled off along the towing path, unfortunately I was to slow to get a photograph. It then started raining again. We continued on to moor about a 200 yards south of where we were last night at about 12 30 pm. by which time the rain had stopped again.  The boat that came backwards, winded and followed us, came by and moored in the spot we were in last night.

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