Friday, 6 May 2011

Crick, Yelvertoft,Elkington, Watford

We set off just before 10 am. a warm morning but not so sunny as of lately. At Norton Junction we turned left up the Leicester Arm, the first port of call was to the houses at Watford Gap where one of the house holders sells home made produce at the bottom of their garden. The do some very niece chutneys. Then we passed the Thai restaurant just under the road bridge; unfortunately their quay heading is now so bad it’s impossible to moor here. We carried on to the Watford flight where Diana went off to find the lock keeper, as the bottom lock was empty and there were no other boats in sight I went into the first lock to wait instructions. We were to come up two locks to the bottom of the staircase and then wait for a boat coming down. By now there were two more boats behind us who in turn sent their crew members to book in with the lock keeper.DSCF5793
The lady from the third boat back stopped for a word as she returned to her boat, between us we had caused a bit of confusion as both boats are called Harnser. The other one is a Steve Hudson boat that was being built at the same time as I was fitting ours out. We almost bought a Steve Hudson hull so imagine the confusion if it had been two Steve Hudson boats called Harnser. We made good time up the flight with the volunteer Lock Keeper assisting us by opening and closing the gates on the opposite side to the paddle gear.
Crick Tunnel was quite wet as usual but very warm, we met two boats right at the far end, the second was entering as we left and they had a dog lose on the roof, it didn’t look at all happy with the situation and was cowering down. Once through the tunnel we were in bright sunshine and probably the warmest it’s been this year.
The new marina at Yelvertoft is looking fine with the banks all grassed and once passed there I pulled over to take some photos of the ruin brick buildings just before bridge 19 on the off side. I thought they may be an old lime Kiln but now I am not so sure. If anyone knows what they are I would love to hear from you.
We continued on to just past bridge 28 as that is the first winding hole after the one at Crack’s Hill, Crick.
Once winded we retraced our steps, meeting the other Harnser on the way to moor for the night between Watford Locks and Crick Tunnel, This time we didn’t meet anyone in the tunnel but a boat ahead left just as we entered, maybe it was something I said.

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Steve Parkin said...

We met the other Harnser last week - see our blog