Monday, 2 May 2011

A round trip to Radford winding hole

We spent the morning sanding down the worst rust spots off the roof and treating them with Kur-rust. This exercise took us through to lunchtime after which we set off to Radford bottom lock to wind. We caught up with another boat at Foss middle lock and shared a couple of locks with them until at Radford lock we caught up with boat just entering the lock so we pulled over and waved the other boat passed so they could join them.
Once we had dropped through the lock we just went as far as the winding hole where we turned to retrace our steps back to Welsh Road locks to moor again for the night. We couldn’t get in as close as yesterday but its close enough for Magic to get on and off.
Once tied up I set to with the paint primer to give all the earlier treated spots a coat to protect them, hopefully tomorrow I will splash a bit of grey on them.

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