Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tea and Sympathy the true canal spirit

Those of you that read our blog regularly will know that last time we visited the boat our car broke down. To get home we had to call the AA as one of the rear air springs had burst.

I rang the AA at 9 am and they sent a man in a van to look, his first suggestion was to pick the back of the car up on his “Spectacles” That is a frame mounted on the back of the van where the car wheels sit in and tow the car backwards as far as Cambridge Services, the edge of his area, but on checking the vehicle spec he would be limited to 30 mph so he called for a lorry.

While we were sitting at the lock waiting for the lorry to arrive, Tony a boater who was moored below the lock walked up and invited Diana and I for tea of coffee. We declined his kind offer as the lorry would be her soon, only 2 hours from when the first man called for it. I then got a call to say the lorry would be there by 1pm (a little bit later). This was followed by a second call saying he was on his way but it would now be 1-15 pm. Not long after that we had another call to say it would now be 2-15 pm. before he was with us.

At this point I walked down to where Tony and Jackie who were on their boat Timewarp and asked if we could kindly take them up on their  earlier offer as by now we were in need  of refreshments.

We had never met Tony and Jackie before but they were kind enough to go to the trouble to invite us down for tea and make sure we were OK, the true spirit of the canals.

Thanks once again Tony and Jackie  for your kindness. We finally arrived home at about quarter to 8 at night, it would have been later but the second lorry driver took us home before taking or car on to the garage.

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