Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday 19 May 2012

We backed out from our mooring at quarter to two and headed off towards Salters Lode. We met a couple of boats in March, but there wasn’t a single boat moored on any of the the town public moorings, we pushed on saying a quick hello to Ann and Ollie who are now back on an even keel. I rang Maureen at Marmont Priory lock but got no reply.

We arrived at the lock just as Maureen came home in her car, so Diana was well on the way to getting the lock ready before she came out. We chatted about our plans and she told us there was only one day boat moored at Outwell Basin so we had lots of spaces. Our plan was to go to the Crown Lodge and spend the night on their mooring. 

Like March there was not a single boat on the Upwell Moorings nor the Outwell ones and no sign of the day boat that I kept expecting to meet. Out through Outwell and its half a mile to the Crown Lodge and there on their moorings sat the day boat. The only hire boat in the area and he is on the moorings I wanted. Luckily being a day boat he is not to long and right to the front of the mooring so we have just managed to get the bows alongside behind him, which means we can get the dog off.

I have been in and booked a table for this evening and noted that they have both Woodfords and Adnams on the pumps.

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