Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thursday 10 May 2012

Last night we ate at Mamma Mia the Italian restaurant at the top of the moorings, the quality was as go as ever but I think the portion size may be even bigger . We shared a start and then each had a main course but nether had room for a sweet.

The rain woke us quit a bit during the night and as we were moored under a tree when the rain stopped we had dripping from the tree.

This morning the water level had risen by around 6” and the gunwale was now level with the top rail of moorings so it was just as well we floated the barrow wheels down the side to hold us off the edge. We pushed off at about 11 am in quite a strong breeze and stopped for water at the March services. Water and rubbish disposal are the only things available now. Once the tank was full we carried on west along a very choppy river, passed our home mooring and turned left at next junction to follow the Nene (Old Course) down to Benwick. On the way we saw our first signets of the year, one on mothers back and the rest trailing behind.smallDSCF8376

We passed the Benwick moorings as we wanted to wind before mooring, this meant doing another hour down the river to the junction with the Forty Foot Drain. Now if you had a bridge with restricted headroom where would you put the red and yellow highlight tape. Along the bottom edge or the top one. smallDSCF8380

We retraced our steps back to Benwick Public moorings passing one of the old wooden wooden sluices on the way. smallDSCF8378It had taken us about five and a half hours to get between two point that are only 9 miles apart, we did about another 8 just to turn round, but that’s boating.

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Anne / Olly said...

Level up about a foot now and we're afloat again! Love the swan pic. Saw you on the mooring on my way to and from work.