Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday 20 May 2012

Last nights meal in the Crown Lodge was first class. Not the cheapest  place with a pint of beer at £3-30 but I couldn’t fault the food or service at all, the only down side was the Woodford’s was off so I drank Adnam’s instead.

The people were sleeping on the Day Hire boat moored ahead of us and departed at about 9 am this morning. We decided it was not worth moving up to their space just for the morning.smallDSCF8461
As we can’t get out of Salters Lode until tomorrow morning we are stayed put for the morning and had lunch at the Crown Lodge before we left.
Walking the dog we found a train just parked at the side of some units, I couldn’t get a close look as there was a big German smallDSCF8460Shepherd on a long chain out front who was not impressed while I was still 200 yards down the road.

We had our Sunday lunch of roast lamb, again it was all very nice, booking is obviously essential as they were packed out, including a Christening reception.

We moved off at quarter to three arriving at Salters Load at four thirty. We didn’t see anything on the move all the way but there is another boat on the Salters Lode moorings called “Honesty” but I don’t know if they are going through tomorrow or not. We met Paul the lock keeper on his bike giving his dog a run and he said we should be going at about 9 in the morning.

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Baz Juniper said...

Your loco appears to be a Drewry 0-4-0 shunter of considerable vintage:

I see that it probably started life with a Gardner engine which might endear it to some of your readers....