Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday 23 June 2012

It seams my technical knowledge of rolling stock is not up to scratch when I said the Pullman coachers were moored/parked in Ely. I have been informed by Bob that they are a Statesman Rail set of Mk2 coaches in Pullman garb. They will have been stabled there not moored and its likely that by the time you read this they will be in Carlisle or Settle having done the West Coast run from Cambridge behind a Class 47. Thanks Boba smallDSCF9050.

This morning the wind was still blowing, I think it failed to read the forecast last nigh but the sun was out. After taking the dog for a walk we made our selves ready to try and photograph the Titfield Thunderbolt but needless to say it was late and when it did come it was traveling faster than I anticipated, I got a shota smallDSCF9065 as it approached, but it had crossed the bridge before I could readjust the camera, however Diana managed to get one from further back.a smallDSCF2401

Once it was away we set off, winded and headed towards Ely, as we passed the moorings at Popes Corner Diana spotted a rather unusual caravan.a smallDSCF2402

Back on the Gt Ouse and it was just 4 miles back to Ely, we moored by the road bridge an visited, you’ve guessed it. Tesco for some beer and food. We stayed on the moorings for lunch and then went to the other end of town to fill with water. We had spotted a nice little spot right by where the trip boat operates from to moor as the quay is lower there, but first we had to turn, so I went a bit further down stream and waited for a cruiser to pass, but he actually turned behind us and moored right in the spot we had our eye on, so we have had to moor behind him where the quay is higher. This means giving Magic a leg up to get off the boat, it also meant we had to sweep and scrape up the goose droppings so as not to walk them into the boat. It wasn’t long before we bumped into first the crew of Avalon and then the crews of Matilda Rose and Yarwood who we had to help drink beer in The Cutter Inn.

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