Saturday, 30 June 2012

Saturday 30 June 2012

Yesterday afternoon we moored quite early with the intention of repapering the galley. As we were working away a boat came passed and moored ahead of us. This boat use to moor beside us at the marina, we had just about said hello to the owners as we are not normally at the marina for more than two hours, but we waved as they came by and said hello a little later while taking the dog out. In the evening, because the galley was bit of a mess we went to the Lazy otter for a meal and the couple off the boat that use to moor beside us, that was now moored in front of us were sat at the table beside us. so in the course of the evening we had a good chinwag.

This morning we left at quarter to eleven, turning round and heading back to the EA Hundred Acres Mooring where we arrived at about mid day. We had lunch and then commenced paper hanging, horizontally. With just two small bit to do we moved on  round Popes Corner onto the Cam. A wicker man has now joined the wicker caravan, I take it that its the work of the chap that lives there in one of the boats.a smallDSCF9196

We carried on up the Cam where we moored just upstream of The Five Miles from Anywhere at the EA Fidwell Fen moorings and set to to hang the two remaining pieces that meet that we hung this morning in a corner. Every time we have moored up the sun has come out and every time we set off its rained, its also been breeze with the wind gusting to 25 mph.
I knew there were several flypasts today but I did not expect to be this closely involved.a smallDSCF9200

There is a boat moored just below The Five Miles from Anywhere that has some interesting signwriting on it, almost like pen and ink.a smallDSCF9213
One of the things that sticks out about this waterway is the amount of bird life with Egyptian Geese just sunninga smallDSCF9204 themselves and Oyster Catchers feeding on the grass landDSCF9206.

Even the cows in this part of the world know where to go when the weather turns bad, this is the A1123 road bridge. a smallDSCF9210

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