Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sunday June 3 2012

Well it was raining when we went to bed, it was raining when I went for a wee, it was raining when we got up, it was raining when we set of, it was still raining when we moored up at mid day, but its brightened now. How sad for all the street parties and the Thames flotilla.

We set off at half ten back to the Gt Ouse where we turned right towards Denver. We saw a few boats, 3 yachts, two of them motoring but one sailing, a smallDSCF8850an open sports boat also getting very wet and we were overtaken by a cruiser. I also took a photo of the sheep that I tried to photo yesterday, but now they are somewhat wet and cold.a smallDSCF8849

We moored up at midday on the EA moorings at Brandon Creek for lunch and to set up the TV to watch the Thames Flotilla. Since we have been here we have had a cruiser moor just ahead of us and several moor have been going by.

The Thames Pageant TV coverage was very disappointing when you consider that it was the biggest river pageant for 300 years, I was focused on shots of the Queen who was only standing watching proceedings and poor presenters who were not briefed on what was happening.

We set off again for Denver at 1815 hrs. with no rain, we passed mum with a back full of youngsters bumming a ride before arriving at Denver at 8 pm.
We are hoping to lock through in the morning but the place is full of boats, if half of them want to go over we wont make it. There is a Narrowboat and two cruisers on the lock mooring, but I suspect the cruisers will be going to Kings Lynn. Its so full that we have had to go back upstream a bit to one of the EA moorings.

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