Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December 2012 March

This morning was not as bright as the last couple of days and we have had a few spots of rain.
Before setting off we went to look at the mud and water at Denver and outside Salters Lode lock. The tide was still just making slowly and it was not a particularly big tide. I think I could have probably got over to Denver, but there is no way I would have chosen to come back. I have set the photos against yesterdays at low tide.a smallDSCF0634a smallDSCF0633

a smallDSCF0635a smallDSCF0626




It was twenty past ten when we set off with a target of March for the night. I rather like the village sign for Outwell depicting the light railway that use to run from Wisbech through Outwell to Upwell. The two villages join each other and run along the banks of Well Creek.  a smallDSCF0639

  I rang Marmont Priory lock as we passed through Upwell and left a message that we were on our way. When we arrived the lock was exactly how we left it, I rang the bell for the lock keeper and we proceeded to work our way through, We were almost down before Maureen appeared for a chat. As you can see there is a bridge over the lock with about 6 feet headroom when the lock is full, so you have to remember to remove the chimney when cominga smallDSCF0649 up.

By now the weather was getting brighter and the slight breeze dying away, as we passed the wind farm the generators were coming to a standstill and therea smallDSCF0663 were even bits of blue in the sky.

At the end of the wind farm we passed the moorings that were our first choice on Sunday but we discounted due to the noise of the turbines, today they would have been fine.

It was 3 pm by the time we reached March and of course all the moorings were deserted so we pulled over on the first stretch of straight on the town moorings. March has all its Christmas lights out and about 4 pm they started to come on.a smallDSCF0686 This was the view from the front of the boat, unfortunately due to the fact they are floating boats don’t make the most stable platform for long exposure photographs.

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