Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wednesday 19 December 2012 Floods Ferry

It was cold,damp and miserable this morning and we set off at about 10 30 AM.

We were just creeping along through the town when I noticed a fishing line go tight. One of the riverside residents had left a line out fishing for pike, he didn’t even have a proper float to see, just a lump of polystyrene. The owner had gone indoors and just left it. The line went taught, the reel paid out, once all the line was gone the rod flew out of its stand and shot into the river. I stopped and caught the rod with the boat hook, Diana cleared the line from the bows and the owner came down to the bank. The situation was under control then the rod owner told Diana to just throw the hook, bate, weight  and lump of polystyrene back into the water and before I could say anything, she did. I now had the rod on the roof and the tackle in the water, so I now had to retrieve it before I could put the boat in gear to try and get the boat back under control and not hit the cruisers moored along the bank. After all this I reversed back and gave the fisherman his equipment back, he said he wasn’t expecting any boats to go by.

After this it was an uneventful trip back to the moorings where I set to and drained the water system in case we get any bad frosts before we get back to her after Christmas.

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