Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday 29 November 2013

Well what a pleasant surprise last nigh was. We walked to the Kings Head at Napton, its only about 5 minutes from the canal and they were pushed to find us a table. Its a Hook Norton pub so I expected the beer to be OK but I wasn’t sure about the food, our last visit didn’t want to make us hurry back, but what a turn around, a very good menu backed up with two very good meals, I can’t comment on the sweets as we didn’t have room for them.

This  morning we woke to(in no particular order) Ducks nibbling the weed, cars blowing their horns crossing the bridge, planes, helicopters and the sun shine.

We didn’t set off until 11am and again very few boats moored in the usual places, a few around Flecknoe but only one on the Puddle Banks and non opposite the long term moorings south of the Puddle Banks. We passed one unusual boat, a cruiser stern that has had the cabin sides extended to make it a sort of semi trad cruiser.DSCF4138

Although we started off in the sun shine it wasn’t long before it started to rain, but it only lasted half an hour.

We called into Braunston Marina for a pump out £12 DIY but that machine really sucks. Then back out and a coffee on Matilda Rose before heading up the North Oxford as far as Willoughby where we have moored for the night.


Halfie said...

Isn't that what it's meant to do? Suck? (!)

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Better than most John. Now about that photo of yours.

Sue said...

We went to that pub many moons ago, in fact Lucy was just a puppy, so that has got to be 15 years ago or 16 even.. Gosh.

Anyway we have not been back since, but I do remember the food being absolutely excellent!

How do I remember that when I cant remember where on earth I have put a power lead on this boat that I need right now!!

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Sue, The first time I went it was great as well, but like lots of places the management has changed several times over the years. Some are good, some very good and some a waste of time.