Saturday, 30 November 2013

Saturday 30 November 2013 All Oaks Wood

What a corking day, blue sky, bright sun, no wind ant the temperature almost in double figures. DSCF4146

We left the mooring at 10 am and Diana spotted this chap sitting on a canal side fence post. He had been there when we moored up but the light was to poor to get a photo of him. He is obviously very use to people on boats.DSCF4149

The canal was quite busy and we met several boat as we headed northwards.

There are a lot of boats in Barby Marina now and one of them is a wide beam so I don’t know if risked coming up from Braunston or was craned in.

Approaching Hillmorton we could see a lot of construction work going on the the right which we suspect is by the railway.DSCF4152

The long term moorings above Hillmorton locks were almost empty, one boat by the bridge who was having insulation fitted to his boat, the company had their van on the road. A strange wide beam vessel which I understand is half a catamaran who normally floats around Wigrams Turn area and one other boat. There was a boat just leaving the top lock, but he didn’t see me so shut the gate, I was so close I had to go on the lock moorings to let him by. At Hillmorton Bottom Lock there was a boat moored on each of the lock moorings above the lock, but I have come to expect this.

We stopped a Rugby to visit Tesco, there was only one other boat on the 14 day moorings, never seen it so quiet, there were a few on the park on the offside which I see is now only 24 hour mooring.

Newbold Tunnel now has 3 out of 27 working, one of each colour. The 14 day moorings at Newbold were full but the 48 hour empty.

The moorings just north of Lime Farm Marina on the offside now have another new mooring dug out of the scrub.DSCF4160

By now the sun was getting lower in the sky so time to start looking for a mooring for the night. Passing along All Oaks Wood the sun was out of sight so we stopped on the first piece of piling after leaving the wood.

Lets hope tomorrow is as nice as today.

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