Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thursday 28 November 2013 Napton Narrowboats

Well we are back aboard for a few days. It was dead on 2pm as I backed out of the Engine Arm onto the main line. A nice man from CaRT set Napton top lock while Diana took the bags from the car onto the lock side.

The CaRT chap was there as he suspects that the heal post on the nearside bottom gate is snapped, needless to say all the rest of the flight was against us.
I think this is the first time I have ever been down the flight and there not been a boat moored in one of the pounds. There were only two below the Folly Pub.

It looks as if the Lock Cottage by the bottom lock now has vehicular access, they have a drive way running down to a gate onto the entrance to The Folly car park. We actually met a boat on the move between here and The Bridge pub. Again very few boats moored, only 3 and one of them was a hire boat. We moored with a view of eating at The Bridge, they have all the signs out but the place looked deserted, the only lights on were the exit signs and none of the tables laid, also the bins were all empty so it didn’t look good. Working on this information we moved down to bridge 109 where we managed to tuck in to the piling for the night and will walk up to The Kings Head instead.

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