Friday, 28 February 2014

Fazeley Junction Friday 28 February 2014

Not a lot to report today, last night I went down with “Man Flu” so wasn’t feeling great this morning.

We set off at our normal 10 am and did see one boat on the move. Last night was the coldest its been for a while and it was only 3° when we set off, although it was overcast and a bit miserable, or may be that was just me, but we did avoid the rain that lots of other boaters seemed to be enjoying and there was hardly any wind.
The lack of wind was very good because the workmen were busily putting the poly covers on all the poly tunnel frames that I photographed on our way up. Around lunch time the sun started to try to peep out but didn’t really make it until about half two.

WE arrived at the deserted Fazeley Visitor Moorings at quarter to two and we are the only boat here.

I would like to report that the performance of the batteries has improved since I upped the charge voltage. The voltage was down to 24.1volts after just removing 21Ah. Today they were 24.5 after removing 28Ah. Also from reading the Trojan hand book I should have been charging them at 29 volts + all the time, so I will leave the mod in place.

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Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy re man flu.
Been off for over a week and with no beer due to strep throat.